One London Bridge

We at APT Sound Testing often get called in to test the sound insulation values of existing wall partitions for customers who have purchased existing offices and have a requirement for ‘quiet rooms’ where conversations cannot be overheard.

We have undertaken dozens of similar projects throughout central London and the rest of the UK working for the clients were confidentiality is of the utmost importance such as defence and solicitors companies. Our most recent work was for a team of solicitors at One London Bridge.

Our sound testing engineers ensured that all the designated wall partitions were tested along with undertaking a survey of the existing construction, taking into account the floor and ceiling voids. Thereafter an acoustic design review was undertaken to ensure that the rooms would meet the client’s acoustic requirements for confidentiality.

Rest Assured

We have undertaken literally thousands of sound tests to all types of developments throughout London and the rest of the UK. We provide a seamless acoustic package from the design stage through to the precompletion sound testing.

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