Thermal Imaging Surveys in Houses to Reduce Heat Loss.

Thermal Imaging Surveys in Houses to Reduce Heat Loss.

Our thermal imaging surveys can provide extremely useful information about the thermal performance of your property. We arrange thermal imaging survey on your home, or commercial buildings throughout England and Wales and we always strive to provide a fast and friendly cost-effective thermal inspection service.

A thermal camera survey can be undertaken to establish more than just heat loss, it can also be utilised for:

  1. Energy efficiency – a heat loss thermal survey is essential as it identified where the biggest energy cost-savings can be made.
  2. Damp walls and ceilings and floors – water ingress, sources of dampness, leaks in flat roofs or via chimneys.
  3. Water leaks – leaks in under-floor heating systems or behind concealed pipework in walls, ceilings and floors.
  4. Thermal bridging areas – missing or ineffective insulation at door and window reveals
  5. Missing or damaged insulation – areas where poor workmanship leading to missing or damaged insulation causing cold spots.
  6. Air infiltration – cold draughts into the building through the building envelope that can excess draughts leading to an unpleasant environment.
  7. Air leakage paths – warm air escaping through the building envelope that wastes valuable energy.

At APT we understand that every customer has different reasons for commissioning a thermographic survey, whether it is for their home, or commercial building we have the technical expertise to help you. Here is another interesting article explaining 10 reasons for carrying out thermal imaging surveys.




Why pick APT to undertake your thermal imaging survey?
Please note that our engineers are trained to level 3, which is the highest level you can achieve as a thermographic engineer. We also use large format thermal imaging cameras; this provides you with the absolute best chance of solving any potential issues by utilising thermographic technology.

We will discuss your dwelling and fully understand your plans and concerns and provide you with the maximum value and reliability from your infrared thermal imaging survey. Here is some further information which explains the cost of thermal imaging surveys,

The importance of using a  Level 3 trained thermographers cannot be overstated as they are trained to be write predictive maintenance and inspection practices and to develop test procedures and ascertain severity criteria. To try and help clients prepare for the thermal imaging survey to their building, we have written the following article: How we carry our thermal Surveys on commercial buildings.


Throughout the UK, BREEAM projects are becoming more common place for commercial and residential buildings. BREEAM provides extra points to projects that have a BREEAM Thermal survey undertaken. As not many clients are aware of BREEAM thermal surveys, we have included more information in our ‘What is a BREEAM thermal Imaging Survey’ article. Also to try and help clients prepare for their survey please download our Thermal Imaging Checklist or check our our article a technical explanation of thermal imaging surveys

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Alternatively if you would like more information on how to prepare for your thermal imaging survey, please visit our website here or download our thermal imaging checklist