Why pick APT to undertake your thermal imaging survey?

Why pick APT to undertake your thermal imaging survey?
All our thermography engineers hold level 3 certification, which is the highest level you can achieve as a thermographic engineer. We also use large format thermal imaging cameras; this provides you with the absolute best chance of solving any potential issues by utilising thermographic technology. We and have many years experience in the thermal inspection field, enabling us to offer the full range of thermographic inspection services including building, electrical and industrial throughout the UK.




At APT we understand that every customer has different reasons for commissioning a thermographic survey, whether it is for their home, or commercial building we have the technical expertise to help you. Here is another interesting article explaining 10 reasons for carrying out thermal imaging surveys.

Our thermal specification includes:

                1. Level 3 thermographic certification
                2. Level 3 qualified thermographers
                3. Large format FLIR cameras with 45-degree lenses

We will discuss your project and fully understand your plans and concerns and provide you with the maximum value and reliability from your infrared thermal imaging survey.


The Importance of Using Level 3 Thermographers

The importance of using a highly trained Level 3 thermographer on your project cannot be overstated, as they are trained to be write predictive maintenance and inspection practices and to develop test procedures and ascertain severity criteria. To try and help clients prepare for the thermal imaging survey to their building, we have written the following article: How we carry our thermal Surveys on commercial buildings.

To try and help facility managers with their electrical and mechanical surveys, we have written the following article: thermal imaging inspections for facilities management. Also, throughout the UK BREEAM projects are becoming more common place. BREEAM provides extra points to projects that have a BREEAM Thermal survey undertaken. As not many clients are aware of BREEAM thermal surveys, we have included more information in our ‘What is a BREEAM thermal Imaging Survey’ article. Also to try and help clients prepare for their survey please download our Thermal Imaging Checklist or check our our article a technical explanation of thermal imaging surveys


Please contact us for more information

If you would like to contact us for more information on our thermal imaging house surveys, please contact us on 01525 303905 or email us at: info@aptsoundtesting.co.uk. Alternatively if you would like more information on how to prepare for your thermal imaging survey, please visit our website here or download our thermal imaging checklist