Why Carry Out a Thermal Imaging Survey?

Why Carry Out a Thermal Imaging Survey?

At APT we understand that every customer has different reasons for commissioning a thermographic survey, whether it is for their home, or commercial building we have the technical expertise to help you. Here is another interesting article explaining 10 reasons for carrying out thermal imaging surveys.


Thermal imaging can identify insulation problems.

To reduce heating and/or air conditioning bills having continuous high spec insulation throughout the entire home is important.  One little area of insulation missing can cost you extra money on each monthly bill. We can look for temperature differentials or colour differentials with our high spec thermal imaging cameras to see if insulation is missing in your building envelope. Having this information, you can add /upgrade insulation to targeted areas.


thermal imaging camera undertaking a thermal survey to a commercial building 

Thermal Imaging Shows Water Leaks and Moisture Intrusion

Do you have a water leaks and/or stains on the ceiling?  Unfortantly the naked eye may be able to see the water stain, but the thermal image may give the technician insight into what is going on.  This is identified due to the evaporating water highlighting cooler temperatures rather than normal surface temperatures. If it shows up as blue or purple, there may be a leak.  Thermal imaging is one of the best non evasive inspections as it can be done without intruding on the homeowner’s daily activities or tearing apart areas that are not needed to be touched.

Thermal Imaging can highlight electrical issues.

Often, we cannot see the electrical issues in the home.  We don’t have a way to know if an electrical panel is functioning properly, or if it damaged and about to malfunction. Out thermal imaging camera can pick up these issues.  Surveying an electrical box will tell us the temperatures are within the correct parameters or it isn’t not working correctly.


What is the duration of the thermal imaging house survey?

We suggest you allow a minimum of 1 to 2 hours for our engineer to undertake the thermal survey. For large commercial buildings please allow up to 3 to 4 hours. Obviously this duration may change if our engineers need to undertake induction’s or wait for permits etc.


Do you need an Internal or External Thermal Inspection?

Elements such as wind and outside temperature can make an internal thermal inspection the better choice.  The internal thermal inspection is also is more likely to catch the flow of the air because of how it radiates off an object.  In addition, heat and air do not escape straight out of a home and often go through an inside wall and this.

The importance of using one of our Level 3 trained thermographers cannot be understated as they are trained to be write predictive maintenance and inspection practices and to develop test procedures and ascertain severity criteria. To try and help clients prepare for the thermal imaging survey to their building, we have written the following article: How we carry our thermal Surveys on commercial buildings.


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If you would like to contact us for more information on our thermal imaging services, please contact us on 01525 303905 or email us at info@aptsoundtesting.co.uk. Alternatively if you would like more information on how to prepare for your thermal imaging survey, please visit our website here or download our thermal imaging checklist