Simple Acoustic Floor and Wall Upgrades

Simple Acoustic Floor and Wall Upgrades

We are often asked ‘what are the most simple ways to improve the sound insulation performance on party walls and floors’.  In answer to this question, there are many quick and simple acoustic wall and floor upgrades to help you achieve compliance with Build Regulations Part E by passing your airborne and impact sound insulation testing.


One of the easiest acoustic wall solutions is to install a 70mm met-sec partition in front of the existing wall abutting dwellings. Firstly leave approx. 25mm gap between the back of the met-sec and the existing wall. Then install 50mm acoustic wool to the inside of the met-sec and add two layers of soundboard (1 x 15mm and 1 x 12.5mm soundboard) to the outside of the met-sec frame, ensuring all boards are properly lapped and ensure the perimeter joints are kept back from the surrounding construction and filled with acoustic mastic. Also make sure that all sockets etc. are placed in a different position to the sockets on the other side of the wall to prevent noise transference.


To reduce airborne and impact sound transmission through the floor, one simple acoustic floor solution is to add a timber baton to the bottom of the joists. Then add an acoustic resilient hanger. To the inside of the newly formed void add an AW 25 Isowool acoustic insulation. To the underside of the hangers install 1 x 15mm and  1 x 12.5mm layers of soundboard. Allow for the correct laps in the plasterboard and and ensure the perimeter joints are kept back from the surrounding wall construction. Add AW100 Isowool to the centre joist void and to the top of the joists install 18mm flooring. To the top of the flooring add a good quality acoustic resilient matt.


Do you need acoustic advice for your project

We can advise on all types of acoustic design to help you pass your sound insulation testing to party walls and floors in flats, whether it is accomplished during initial construction or during a refurbishment or renovation project. Whatever the problem we can usually find an acoustic solution that will help you achieve Building Regulation Part E compliance.

The above Air and Wall solutions should help your project comply with Approved Document E for Sound Testing in London. If you have a project that’s needs acoustic design advice or needs sound insulation testing then please contact us at: and we should be able to offer you an expedient acoustic solution to help you achieve practical completion.