Using Acoustic Design and Sound Testing to Improve Residential Noise Levels

APT Sound Testing has seen a large increase in the amount of clients contacting us because they want to improve sound insulation in their existing dwelling/s.

In the last 15 years, domestic noise complaints have increased five-fold. This noise can result in frustration, anger and sleep disturbance. It can also act as a catalyst for other effects on health in relation to sound insulation. In addition, the noise generated within dwellings and from occupant life styles varies significantly between households.

Firstly, growth in the use of electrical appliances, such as speaker systems within the home and rapid technological advancements in entertainment systems have increased the levels of noise within today’s home.

Second, changes in work patterns and the ways in which homes are used may result in diverse neighbour lifestyles, i.e. many people now work night shifts etc.

Third, the fast pace of modern living and varied employment patterns not only limit the quantity of time spent within the home but also place more importance on this greatly restricted quality time. Thus the disruption to occupants and annoyance caused by sound from neighbouring dwellings plays a massive role in a person’s quality of life.

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