Electrical Thermal Imaging Inspections for Building Insurance Compliance

Many building managers may not be aware that an annual electrical thermal imaging survey is usually required to their buildings electrical systems, to comply with their insurance obligations. If the infrared inspection is not carried out it may invalidate the building insurance in the event of a fire etc. The importance of an electrical thermal imaging inspection for building insurance compliance is incredibly important – that’s why it needs to be undertaken correctly!.

This type of thermal imaging survey is operationally convenient for building operators as it eliminates the need to power down or isolate any part of your electrical systems by immediately and easily detecting temperature differences behind walls and other obstacles. They also remove the need to take apart walls, meaning a quicker, easier and less intrusive service that can be done in all weather conditions for compliance with your statutory obligations under The ​Electricity at Work Regulations (1989) Act and many other regulatory requirements.

Electrical Thermal Imaging Inspection in London

Electrical Thermal Imaging for compliance with your statutory obligations

Our thermal imaging inspections and reportage has been set up to satisfy the requirements expected by insurance companies, facility managers and safety auditors, which often stipulate a Level 3 thermographer undertake the inspection. Our electrical thermographic inspection reports usually comprise of the following four sections:

  • Introduction/Report Summary – This section provides details on the survey carried out along with summary of the overall findings.
  • Main Body Report Pages – this section explains where faults/anomalies are identified during the thermal imaging inspection. An individual report page is produced providing a description of the fault, its severity and recommended remedial action.
  • Condition Monitoring Assessment – this section provides an understanding of the current operational condition of equipment that have been reported during previous surveys – an ongoing survey/assessment if you will.
  • Appendices – This section provide a checklist along with thermal images of every asset inspected during the survey. This provides an auditable record of what was inspected, together with equipment health at the time of the thermographic survey.

We spend much a large amount of time on our thermographic reportage, that’s why it’s one of the best in the industry, this is obviously a part of the service which is off site, and clients don’t see. It’s our ongoing aim to provide every report that is clear and easy to reference to the end user.

Infrared thermal Imaging Inspection Electrical System APT Sound Testing

Our Thermal Imaging Electrical Surveys include:

When you are employing a thermographer, you should check to see that they incorporate the high specification possible for their inspections. Are they certified to Level 3, and do they use large format FLIR thermal imaging cameras?

Our specification includes:

  1. Level 3 thermographic certification
  2. Level 3 qualified thermographers
  3. Large format FLIR cameras with 45-degree lenses
  4. High sensitivity cameras
  5. Comprehensive and detailed reports clearly showing all defects.

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