An Overview of our Sound Test Services

A Brief Summary of Our Sound Test Services

APT provides acoustic testing and consultancy to help architects, developers and homeowners achieve the minimum requirements of Part E of the Building Regulations for new build and/or conversion projects. Sound transfer between floor and walls  in dwellings is a common problem and its often down to poor-quality construction – this is often down to the contractors installing party walls and floors being on price work and not taking time and care during the construction process resulting in poor workmanship. We offer a proactive countrywide Sound Testing Service undertaking a wide range of acoustic testing and surveys utilising our highly trained test engineers.

We are accredited to carry out Sound Insulation testing for:

                • Houses and flats in compliance with Part E of the Building Regulations.
                • Houses & Flats in compliance with the Code for Sustainable Homes.
                • All commercial buildings in compliance with BREEAM.
                • Classrooms within schools in compliance with BB93.

We also carry out carryout various noise surveys to comply with the following:

                • Background Noise Surveys for Air Conditioning Plant.
                • New Development Noise Surveys PPG24 for Planning Applications.
                • Noise at Work Noise Assessment


We can help with your party wall and floor acoustic design

APT Sound Testing can provide telephone advice, quote to undertake an acoustic design review of your architect’s drawings to help the likelihood of passing the sound insulation test at the first attempt, reducing the risk of costly remedial works to your project prior to handover.

If you require sound insulation testing to party walls or floors, or you need an acoustic design review on your development, please contact us now or visit our acoustic design page.

For further advice on Sound Insulation Testing across the London and the UK, contact APT Sound Testing. Call our expert acoustic consultants today on 01525 303905 or email us at for friendly advice about building party walls and floors and/or sound insulation testing on your construction project.