Air Tightness Testing In Birmingham

Air Tightness Testing in Birmingham

We provide air tightness testing across Birmingham and the surrounding towns of Hove, Falmer and Portslade via our network of UKAS accredited air testing engineers. We have the ability to respond quickly to your project requirements and comes at the most competitive price.

We are also one of the few companies that are UKAS accredited to undertake both Air & Sound testing in compliance with Building Regulations Part L & E. This means we can undertake Air, Sound and Vent Testing Packages during the same visit, which provides our clients with substantial cost savings and improved on site co-ordination. Unlike many companies we do not subcontract our works.

Air testing to achieve satisfactory levels of air tightness became a legal requirement in 2006 in England and Wales, under Part L of the Building Regulations. Our specialist knowledge of Part L of the Building Regulations and the unique needs of our local clients means that we are Birmingham’s most popular air testing and sound testing companies. We undertake air testing on all types of projects from single dwelling to the largest commercial buildings.

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Birmingham areas covered

We provide our services throughout the following towns in Birmingham via our friendly and helpful engineers. Click on your local Birmingham office location for more information.

  • Walsall
  • West Bromwich
  • Solihull
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