Thermal Imaging to Locate Building Fabric Defects

Thermal Imaging to Locate Building Fabric Defects. Thermal imaging inspections are one of the most cost effective and low impact ways to survey a building for heat loss and locate building fabric defects. Thermographic inspections can be used to corroborate building performance to its designed specifications, to check for the insulation condition, locate air leakage and locate moisture ingress. APT has been performing advanced thermal imaging surveys services for the least 10 years throughout London and the Southeast.

Thermal imaging cameras can identify of thermal patterns can be used to find something or diagnose a condition, such as poor insulation in a home or an overloaded electrical circuit.


Combined Blower Door and Thermal Imaging Surveys

There are literally dozens of applications for thermal imaging surveys can be used, including:

  • Locating air leakage paths.
  • Electrical Substation and dis-board inspections.
  • Thermal heat loss inspections to the building
  • Locate leaks in underfloor heating systems.
  • Flat-roof leak detection for buildings.
  • Locate radiant heating wires or pipes.
  • Locate potential areas for mould growth.
  • Mechanical bearing inspections

The Benefits of a Thermal Imaging Survey

Thermal imaging surveys help residents or building owners to:

  • Save money on their heating bills!
  • Make their buildings warmer and more comfortable!
  • Reduce carbon emissions!


Why choose us for our Thermal imaging inspection?

We provide a professional service which surpasses the specification required by BREEAM. Our thermographers are Level 3 certified, which is the highest accreditation available.

It’ worth noting that our air tightness and thermal imaging services include the following:

  • UKAS accredited and ATTMA Level 2 certified.
  • The latest powerful modular blower door systems.
  • UKAS calibrated equipment.
  • Level 3 thermographic certification
  • Large format FLIR cameras
  • A detailed report which includes thermal indexing formula for fault diagnosis, qualification, and severity grading.

To discuss options and arrange for one of our thermographic surveyors to visit, you site please call Darren on 07775623464 to arrange an appointment; or, email us at Alternatively please visit our website at: