Thermal Imaging Surveys to Commercial Buildings

Thermal Imaging Surveys to Commercial Buildings

Thermal imaging surveys are one of the best diagnostic tools for demonstrating where heat is being lost in your commercial building in London and the South East.   Most of our customers are very surprised at mount of the sources of heat loss that we uncover on their buildings during a thermal imaging survey. There can be a multitude of problems we can uncover such as cold draughts emanating through air leakage paths/cracks in the building envelope as well as missing insulation from whole sections of walls and/or floors or roof, which have been missed out by the insulation installation companies.

thermal imaging survey with infrared camera


What types of building defects are identified during thermal imaging survey’s?

Thermal imaging can pick up hundreds of different building defects. Here are a few of the most common items identified during previous thermal surveys.

                      1. Poor Construction
                      2. Missing or Damaged Insulation
                      3. Thermal / Cold Bridging
                      4. Air Leakage & Unintentional Openings
                      5. Moisture & Water Ingress
                      6. Poor Thermal Comfort
                      7. Damp & Mould

How do we carry out a thermal survey on commercial buildings?

We will try and book in a convenient time to visit your commercial building, naturally this will depend on the time of year (usually November-April) and forecast weather conditions.  Note that we may suggest rearranging for another date if the conditions turn out to be unsuitable such as heavy rain and/or high ambient air temperatures throughout the day and night.

When our thermal engineer arrives on site, we’ll discuss in some detail the problems you have encountered with heat loss/draughts and any objectives you have.

Unlike our competitors, we will always carry out a full internal and external survey as standard (see below for more information).

The importance of using one of our Level 3 trained thermographers cannot be understated as they are trained to be write predictive maintenance and inspection practices and to develop test procedures and ascertain severity criteria. To try and help clients prepare for the thermal imaging survey to their building, we have written the following article: How we carry our thermal Surveys on commercial buildings. Also, this article explains how we previous articles on how to prepare for thermal imaging surveys on commercial buildings. Also, to help facility managers with their electrical and mechanical surveys, we have written the following article: thermal imaging inspections for facilities management. Also, throughout the UK BREEAM projects are becoming more common place. BREEAM provides extra points to projects that have a BREEAM Thermal survey undertaken. As not many clients are aware of BREEAM thermal surveys, we have included more information in our ‘What is a BREEAM thermal Imaging Survey’ article.

Please contact us for more information

If you would like to contact us for more information on our thermal imaging services, please contact us on 01525 303905 or email us at

Alternatively if you would like more information on how to prepare for your thermal imaging survey, please visit our website here or download our thermal imaging checklist