Thermal Imaging for Flat Roof Inspections

If you have a leak on an existing flat roof and have been told that a new roof is needed, then call us first. APT thermal imaging may be able to save you a substantial amount of money. We carry our thermal imaging for flat roof inspections throughout London and the South East.

A thermal imaging survey is an extremely powerful and effective method of finding flat roof leaks. Inspections are carried out on the roof itself and no damage is caused to the roof system. Our engineers will conduct the survey to identify the location of water within the roof and this enables us to identify the cause of the leak itself. We can then mark up the affected area so that targeted repairs can be made to the leaking area at a later date. Obviously, if the roof is older and in bad repair then it may be a better idea to forego the thermal imaging roof survey and invest in a new flat roof.

thermal imaging survey to Flat roof


So How Does Thermal Imaging Find Roof Leaks

So how do our engineers find roof leaks with their thermal cameras?

When water penetrates a roof system it is absorbed by the insulation materials and may result in a leak within the building which can be a quite a distance from the actual water leakage point. Finding roof leaks using old methods, can be extremely costly due to damage caused and disruption to the operation of buildings.

By using our high specification thermal imaging cameras and expert knowledge (our engineers are trained to Level 3) we are extremely competent in finding roof leaks. Once the thermal survey is complete, our survey report will advise as to the actual extent of the damage as well as the cause. A Thermal imaging survey is usually carried out during a single site, unless it’s a very large roof or limited ongoing access.

Unfortunately, roofing contractors are not always the best people to advise on condition of roofs as they have a vested interest in carrying out major refurbishment work or roof replacement activities.














Our thermographic survey is a ‘third party’ inspection, which is completely independent of the roofing company. We do not carry out roof repairs or other associated remedial work so we have no vested interest by misreporting problems.

A thermographic survey inspection is carried out:

  1. To locate roof leaks
  2. To identify the extent of water ingress through roof structures.
  3. Prove that a roof is leak free prior to expiry of its warranty
  4. After repair works have been completed to prove effective installation.
  5. On completion of new works to prove effective installation.

Following a survey we can produce a detailed professional report within one working day – one of the quickest in the industry – which contains detailed reportage of all our findings. The thermal imaging report contains thermal images along with detailed analysis of our findings, along with our recommendations.

Please contact if you require a flat roof thermal imaging inspection

We have many years’ experience in all aspects of engineering, construction, maintenance, management, and professional survey work and all our thermographic surveys are conducted by engineers qualified in accordance with BS EN 13187

Our thermal imaging equipment is the best and most accurate on the market, ensuring we pick up faults that other equipment may miss. Our reports are professionally presented and are clear, concise, and easy to follow. We endeavour to give our clients a first class service every time.

If you would like to contact us for more information on our thermal imaging services, please contact us on 01525 303905 or email us at