Sound Testing for Approved Document E

Sound Testing for Approved Document E

Approved Document E – ‘Resistance to the passage of sound’ became part of the building regulations on July 1st 2003 and provides minimum sound insulation Building Regulation requirement for new build and conversion dwellings. Properties include houses, flats, hotels, student residences, care homes are all now required to be sound tested under approved document E.


What is Part E Sound Testing?

Approved Document E is a government issued document providing guidance for developers, architects and building control bodies as well as other bodies involved in the design and conversion of buildings for residential purpose. The document explains the testing requirement for each type of project and provides some good advice and details about building procedures and materials that affect test results.

In Part E it defines the two types of sound – ‘airborne sound, which is sound generated and transferred directly in the air by talking or home entertainment systems such as music systems or Televisions) or ‘impact sound, such as sound generated by the impact of an object striking the floor and transmitted through it, such as footfall noise).


Excessive Noise Problems

The objective of Approved Document E is to raise sound resistance standards and reduce excess noise for tenants for both airborne and impact noise, which in turn will to provide reasonable living conditions and improve the well-being of tenants. Sound insulation testing may also be required in non-residential buildings such as schools, hospitals and workplaces to ensure that noise sensitive areas such as classrooms, wards and meeting rooms are suitably insulated from noisier areas, notably BREEAM projects usually require sound insulation testing. In rare cases the sound testing of external facades may also be  a requirement.

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