Sound Insulation Testing and Acoustic Consultancy Service

Welcome to our sound insulation testing and consultancy service! Our team of acoustic engineers provide high-quality sound insulation testing services for commercial and residential projects throughout London and the Southeast. Using our latest state-of-the-art equipment and expert acoustic techniques, we ensure that your property meets all relevant sound insulation regulations, Such as Building Regulations Approved Document E.

Sound insulation testing has been around since 2004, and its important because it ensures that buildings are correctly constructed with a view to acoustics/reducing noise which allows occupants to have reasonable level of acoustic comfort, which mean less health issues, due to lack of sleep etc. i.e. which leads to less disruption and more productivity – a win win!

UKAS accredited sound insulation testing in London

Sound insulation testing is not only important for reducing the disruption of people’s lives due to excess noise, but also because it can affect your compliance with building regulations, if you don’t pass your sound test, to be in breach of Part E and your tasked building inspector will not sign-off the building. This can lead to serious disruption and financial implications to the project handover.

To try and reduce the chance of your project failing the sound test, we provide a one stop acoustic design service, which includes acoustic consultancy and precompletion sound insulation testing. Each project is different, and we will work with you to create a customised solution that meets your specific needs.

Our Range of Sound Testing Services 

Our Acoustic Services Include:

  • Acoustic Consultancy Services
  • Sample Sound Insulation Testing
  • Site check visits
  • Precompletion Sound Insulation Testing
  • Customized Sound Insulation Solutions


Contact us today to learn more about our sound insulation testing and acoustic design services and how we can help you achieve a sound test pass in compliance with Part E of building regulations. To help you prepare for your sound insulation test, please download our sound test checklist.

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