Our Acoustic Design Service

Good acoustic design is often critical to achieving building control sign off, yet it is often overlooked in the design stage of the project. . We offer a proactive approach to acoustic design service, onsite construction checks and sound testing. This ensures your company receives professional advice every step of the way, with an on-going continual consideration of cost.

Acoustic Design Service

Our acoustic design service package consists of the following ‘4 step plan’.

1. Sample Sound Insulation Testing
We can undertake sample sound testing to the existing buildings walls and floors to check the sound insulation performance of the existing dividing partitions. Thereafter, once the sound levels have been established and targeted acoustic design can be undertaken to ensure compliance with Building Regulations Part E.

2. Acoustic Review of the Project
We have considerable experience in all matters related to architectural acoustic design and detailing. We can help develop the initial acoustic design of the project from the initial design scheme stage, in particular acoustic isolation, and interior acoustics. We also use the latest Norsonic equipment analysers and sound sources for conventional and bin-aural acoustic measurements.

3. Site Visits
We offer site visits which allow you (the client) and your contractor to feel confident
about the outcomes of testing at the end of the build. The site visits let us check that
the installation teams are installing the acoustic materials as per manufacturers
avoiding crucial onsite mistakes. You can often have a compliant design which still fails due to poor workmanship; the site survey visits negate the risk of sound test failure.

4. Precompletion Sound Testing
We undertake the final pre completion testing to ensure compliance with Building Regulations Part E and achieve building control sign off for the acoustic elements of the project.

If you would like more information in regards to sound testing or acoustic design, please follow our blog or contact us at: info@aptsoundtesting.co.uk or call Darren direct on 07775623464