Room Integrity Testing on Data Centres

Room Integrity Testing on Data Centres

We often get asked the question “what’s the difference between a Data Centre and Server Room?”

A server room is ‘as it sounds’ a room that stores the servers. A data centre on the other hand is usually much bigger and is usually a whole facility dedicated to containing a vast amount of computer racks in an ultra-secure environment. The most identifiable difference is the size.

server room integrity testing

Almost any modern office that use computers will possess a server room, however, larger bodies such as large scale businesses, universities and retail operations almost always invest in purpose built data centre infrastructure, as they all need to process much larger amounts of data; this has to be done in a secure and controlled environment.

Data Centres usually consist of the following three key elements;

  • Building Elements – Cooling System, Air Economisers, Fire Prevention & Suppression systems and Access Flooring
  • I.T. Elements – Equipment Racks, Air Containment System, Cooling Monitoring, Cabling, PDUs and Environment Sensors
  • Power Elements – UPS, Generators, Switchgear, Panel Boards, Meters, Breakers and Transformers.

All this requires a facility that’s very secure along with a large physical space to house the entire collection of infrastructure and equipment. Data Centres are arguably the most important asset for any company, with this mind isn’t it essential that data centres are run and maintained in the safest way possible and why room integrity testing on data centres should be used as part of every companies ongoing maintenance plan.

Server room integrity test fire

Due to the potential issues associated with fire damage, it is essential that your main asset can contain the gas suppressant for as long as possible to prevent the fire reigniting. To enable this it is important to ensure that good room integrity is established at the end of the enclosures construction and maintained throughout the life cycle of the enclosure.

It is with noting that the annual integrity inspection and testing are also required by the BFPSA and are routine practice at most major commercial institutions such as banks and data storage companies. The benefits of ensuring good room integrity are recognised by insurers and regulatory authorities, who frequently insist on such testing.

Why Choose us for your Room Integrity Test

APT was formed to meet the increasing demands of Building Regulations. We are a multi UKAS accredited company so you can be sure our reportage is of the highest quality. We undertake Room Integrity Testing on all types of protected enclosures from huge power station turbine enclosures, through to server rooms and data centres. We are now one of the leading Room Integrity Companies in the UK.

Our Engineers have over 40 years combined experience within the Fire Suppression Industry and are able to provide help and advice on your Room Integrity Test needs. We can also help if you have previously failed your integrity test, we can visit site and undertake localised smoke testing with air leakage reports. We can even undertake the fire sealing works if so required. It is our ongoing aim to provide clients a ‘one stop’ Room Integrity Testing service to cater for their most exacting requirements. We only use high quality equipment that is UKAS calibrated – a basic requirement of a UKAS accredited testing laboratory.

For further information on our room integrity testing services, please contact our technical manager Darren on 07775623464; or email us at