How do I prepare for an room integrity test?

In our experience the majority of room integrity test failures are caused by the lack of enclosure integrity due to the rooms not being prepared properly. To prepare the protected room/s the following sealing works should be undertaken prior to the test date:

  • Sealing all cracks or penetrations leading into or out of the protected enclosure.
  • Sealing all pipe chases and cable trays where they penetrate the perimeter boundaries of the protected enclosure.

  • Caulk around the inside perimeter at the floor and ceiling junctions.
  • Seal porous blockwork walls; this can be remedied by painting and ensuring the mortar joints are full.
  • The addition of door seals/drop seals as well as weather stripping around jambs.
  • Sealing of windows/glazed sections within the room envelope.
  • The sealing of the underside of doorways within the floor void – this is often open into the adjacent floor.
  • Ensure that air conditioning vents/dampers are closing properly.

When we send out our quotation we also forward a specific room integrity checklist to help our client prepare for the testing. If you need advice on how to seal your server room or data centre please contact us now. We use the latest testing technology to provide thorough assessments of potential areas of air leakage and advice and recommendations on sealing as well full retention and remedial sealing reports.