How Much Does an Electrical Thermal Imaging Survey Cost?

How Much Does an Electrical Infrared Inspection Cost?

This is a very common question; however, its not always simple to answer as depends on numerous factors.  When we sit down to work out our fee proposal for a Thermal imaging inspection, we try to gather as much information as possible including:

                    1. The type and size of building (dwelling or commercial)
                    2. The amount of preparation required (single or multiple buildings)
                    3. Ease of site access (many sites take a long times to access, such as MOD)
                    4. The amount of time required to safely undertake the survey (working at height issues)
                    5. The type of equipment required to undertake the inspection (the type of infrared camera required)
                    6. The project location and subsequent travel costs/time (is it local or hundreds of miles away)
                    7. The required deliverables – what needs to be included within the thermal survey report. (what standards need to be achieved)
                    8. The amount of health and safety requirements required on the site (some sites ask for a min 4-hour safety induction)

Thermal Imaging Inspection

We pride ourselves from being able to offer a basic electrical thermal survey from as little as £495 plus Vat, right up to the huge industrial areas that may need to be done in multiple visits that may be over £10,000 plus Vat and everything in between. It’s always best to call us to so we can get a more accurate overview of our project and quote; accordingly, so please contact us to discuss your project (along with any site-specific issues) and obtain a quote.

If you require a thermal imaging inspection our professional and certified Level 3 Thermographer’s will carry out your thermographic Inspections for all necessary standards and current regulations.

thermal imaging survey of electrical equipment

All we need are a few details such as the building address and the number of electrical installations within the building. Floor plans and would also be helpful to allow us to orientate ourselves during the inspection. We will also send across our informative checklist to help you prepare for the thermal survey.

If you would like to contact us for more information on our thermal imaging services, please contact us on 01525 303905 or email us at Please call 01543 225306 or fill out one of our contact forms to discuss our service levels and to run a thermographic inspection for your business. Talk to us today so we can keep you and your business safe.