Excessive Noise Flanking can lead to Sound Test Failure

Excessive Noise Flanking can lead to Sound Test Failure

Noise Flanking is a term used by acoustic engineers to describe where passes sound over the top or under the primary partition separating the two spaces under test. Noise flanking usually appears due to insufficient isolation of materials thus allowing sound to travel through the partition.

One way to reduce the chance of noise flanking transmission is through a careful consideration to the acoustic design from the start of the project.  Unfortunately, by simply specifying high performance wall and floor partitions it is no guarantee to adequate sound isolation and successful sound testing, extra care must be shown to the mass, isolation and absorption values of the acoustic construction.



APT Sound Testing offer both preconstruction and post construction ‘remedial’ design solutions to achieve a successful sound insulation testing in-line with Part E of Building Regulations. We also offer onsite inspection services to ensure that the sound insulation elements are being installed as per manufactures guild-lines.

Also, in our experience it is never safe to assume because the architect has specified high performance walls, windows and floor/ceiling assemblies that the materials and onsite workmanship will result in compliance with the anticipated results. You should usually reduce the acoustic target by at least 4-5dB due to onsite construction. When the construction assembly is tested in the lab, it is also certified and the installation techniques are described in detail and the construction is undertaken within Laboratory conditions, which is a far more controlled and scrutinised environment. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to replicate Laboratory conditions on site due to its more chaotic nature with multiple trades working next to each other. This is the reason why a 5 point difference is allowed between the construction design on paper and the actual on site sound testing performance.


We can help to reduce your Noise Flanking 

We have undertaken hundreds of acoustic design reviews on all types of projects to help our client achieve compliance with Building regulations Part E, we provide a ‘one stop’ solution for all your acoustic requirements.

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