Why we undertake Indoor Air Quality Testing for BREEAM

Indoor air quality testing for BREEAM is an essential aspect of new building design and construction. It is a crucial component of the BREEAM certification process, which is a widely recognized standard for sustainable building design and construction across the world. BREEAM Indoor Air Quality Testing aims to reduce the risk of health deterioration and building performance by testing the indoor air quality for the end-users.

APT Sound Testing provides a wide range of air quality testing and advisory services to ensure that the air in and around your buildings is of optimum quality and meets regulatory and environmental requirements. Our test engineers have substantial training, skills, experience, and knowledge of testing a wide range of new build and refurbishment indoor environments.

We offer a flexible approach to testing by offering ‘out of hours’ testing service to suit our client’s variety of work patterns. Our indoor air quality test reports provide you with impartial findings and assurance, allowing you to hand over the building in the safe knowledge that that the indoor environment has been carefully checked for excess VOC and Formaldehyde levels. This allows clients to demonstrate the safe and effective operation of an air treatment/cleaning product carried out in a real-life environment.

What is VOC’s in the indoor environment?

So what are VOC’s in the ‘as built’ environment? It is common in many building materials such as plywood, particleboard, and glues as well a certain types of cleaning products. Formaldehyde – another type of VOC – can also be found in some drapes and fabrics and in certain types of foam insulation.

Other sources of VOCs include personal care products such as perfume and hair spray, cleaning agents, dry cleaning fluid, paints, lacquers, varnishes, hobby supplies and from copying and printing machines, many of the items used in the indoor environment. VOCs can be released from products during use and even in storage. However, the amount of VOCs emitted from products tends to decrease as the product ages.

BREEAM indoor air quality Testing by APT Sound Testing Ltd

APT Sound Testing’s services include ongoing air quality monitoring, minimising indoor air pollution impacts, investigating pollutant emissions, measuring ventilation improving indoor air quality. We also provide workplace noise assessments where and when required.

In conclusion, indoor air quality testing is an essential aspect of building design and construction for new build and refurb BREEAM projects.  It is crucial for ensuring that the air in and around your buildings is of optimum quality and meets regulatory and environmental requirements.

We provide professional Indoor air quality testing for BREEAM

We provide a professional cost-effective service for all your BREEAM indoor air quality Testing requirements. We have undertaken testing on may prestigious projects such as The Imperial War Museum, The Heals Building and Battersea Power Station. For more information on how to prepare your building for the air quality test, please download our air quality test checklist here.

If you would like more information on our Indoor Air Quality Testing Services, please call Darren on 07775 623464 or email us at info@aptsoundtesting.co.uk