Why Do Room Integrity Testing?

Why Do Room Integrity Testing?

We often get asked why do room integrity testing? there are two critical reasons why you need to undertake the testing, the first is It’s a legal requirement and the second is you may invalidate your buildings insurance if you do not have up to date room integrity certification.

Due to the potential issues associated with fire damage, it is essential that your main asset can contain the gas suppressant for as long as possible to prevent the fire reigniting. To enable this it is important to ensure that good room integrity is established at the end of the enclosures construction and maintained throughout the life cycle of the enclosure

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The Relevant Standards Integrity Test Standards

BS5306, ISO 14520 and BS EN 15004 – 1, 2008 all require a gaseous system (any system) to have its integrity checked annually. The equipment should be designed specifically for this and it should be regularly calibrated at least once a year. An Integrity test should be conducted in accordance with BS5306, ISO 14520 (BS EN 15004 – 1, 2008) or NFPA 2001 and at a minimum this should be conducted annually.

When Should Room Integrity Tests be done?

An room integrity test should be performed immediately after a system has been installed and routinely every year thereafter. Any alteration such as changing a door, putting a cable/s in or even replacing equipment can affect the rooms (enclosures) gas holding ability (Integrity), routine servicing of equipment will not reveal this, so an Integrity Test should be carried out after any alteration and the annual testing dates adjusted to follow annually thereafter.

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How is the Room Integrity Tests Carried Out

A portable fan is temporarily installed in the doorway via a collapsible panel. Using our blower door equipment we then pressurise and depressurizes the room between 10-60Pa. The results are then fed into the specialist software which then works out the retention time. If the enclosure attains results in excess of 10 minutes then the protected enclosure will pass the test, anything under 10 minutes and it will result in an integrity test failure due to excessive air leakage. If it fails the test APT can help you to locate the excess air leakage paths via smoke testing.

If you require more information in regards to room integrity test please do not hesitate to contact us. Air Pressure Testing provides the necessary Room Integrity Testing in London and throughout the South East to the required NFPA 2001 or ISO BS EN 14520/ 15004 methodologies. We have undertaken hundreds

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