What is Floor Plenum Testing?

A floor plenum test, is an air tightness test that’s carried out to the void between a building’s floor structure and a raised access floor, used for distributing conditioned air to the spaces above. It is important that conditioned air in a floor plenum flows into the occupied zone and does not leak into cavities, risers, stairwells, heating trenches or other adjacent zones. A properly sealed floor plenum will allow the diffusers and grilles to fulfil their primary role of delivering air at the correct flow rate. The airtightness of floor plenums can be a serious energy efficiency issue.

To verify that the floor plenum has been designed correctly, an air tightness test must be carried out. The Floor Plenum Airtightness – Guidance and Testing Methodology (BG 65/2016) explain s potential issues with plenums and places upper limits on the air leakage of floor plenums. There are two components to this leakage: plenum leakage and raised access floor leakage. A testing methodology for both plenum leakage and raised access floor leakage is provided as well as guidance on achieving a successful plenum test is provided.

Floor Plenum Testing undertaken in central London

What is the Floor Plenum Testing Standard?

We carry out on-site testing of plenums and raised access flooring with all testing carried out in accordance with BSRIA Guide BG 65/2016 Floor Plenum Airtightness. We can advise at the design stage and carry out plenum design reviews and site inspections to ensure your plenums are adequately sealed to minimise air leakage and demonstrate compliance with the regulations, so they pass the test first time.

Should your plenum fail an Air Tightness Test, APT have significant technical expertise in identifying likely areas where leakage can occur including smoke testing, thermal imaging and advising on appropriate cost-effective remedial work.

We can carry out your Floor Plenum Test

APT will supply a test report with separate results for both the plenum and the raised access floor. WE are a UKAS and ATTMA accredited test Laboratory, so you know you are in safe hands.

For more information, please contact Darren on 07775623464, or email us at info@aptsoundtesting.co.uk. Alternatively, please visit our floor plenum questions and answers webpage.