What is Clean Room Particulate Testing?

What is Clean Room Particulate Testing?

Clean room facilities such as Semiconductor and pharmaceutical manufacturers are examples of environments that require demanding ongoing air monitoring and periodic certification.  An accurate air monitoring and testing system is the only method for these clean room facilities to maintain that level of cleanliness needed during environmentally sensitive production. Particle counters can activate alarms when contamination poses immediate threats to manufacturing processes thus warning the end user of potential risk from contamination.  Also, these cleanroom particle counters can document emerging contamination trends and weak spots within the process to guide cleaning personnel in maintaining air quality in their critical environments.


As the manufacturing process becomes more efficient and refined, along with the onset of Nano technology with more products produced in the same space during the same amount of time, the greater potential monetary loss in the event of contamination in a clean-room environment. The greatest threat used to be the human component of the process. In a mini-environment, numerous sources of contamination can exist including fan filter failure, excess contamination build up or mini-environment integrity failure.

In all these instances the only way to prevent losses is to catch a contamination event as it happens.  As production evolves, so must monitor evolve with it. To keep up with manufacturing efficiency, we can check the particulate counts using the latest equipment to accurately and continuously monitor several locations within each mini-environment.  To remedy clean room contamination, a highly sensitive handheld particle counter can be used to locate the source of particle emissions. We can also carry out the periodic particulate testing and forward the necessary certification.


Using our vast technical knowledge we provide our clients with reliable and proactive clean room testing service. We ensure that we provide accurate and thoroughly document clean room testing results, ensuring optimal cleanroom performance and minimised facility down time.

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