What Happens if I Fail my Room Integrity Test

What Happens if I Fail my Room Integrity Test


If you fail your room integrity test don’t panic, APT’s highly trained and experienced Enclosure Testing Engineers will be able to locate the problem areas and identify where air is leaking out of the building by walking around the test enclosure with a localised smoke puffer, pencil checking the most common problem areas first. Some of the most common air leakage paths within the building envelope are:

  • around cracks or penetrations within the masonry/.plasterboard walls.
  • around pipe chases and cable trays where they penetrate the perimeter boundaries of the protected enclosure
  • around the inside perimeter at the floor and ceiling junctions.
  • Around porous block-work walls – this can be remedied by painting and ensuring the mortar joints are full.
  • around the entrance door reveals – door sweeps this can be remedied by installing drop seals, weather stripping around jambs.
  • around window frames and glazing.
  • Around various penetrations within the ceiling void such as underside of doorways.
  • Around poorly installed air conditioning dampers.

Once we have undertaken the smoke test and located the air leakage paths, we can collate and issue a detailed air leakage report which can be passed on to the fire sealing team. It’s also worth noting that the smoke won’t cause any damage to the building and/or equipment.

Fire_in_a_data centre

By combining our fan testing equipment, we blow the smoke out through any penetrations in in the enclosure envelope; this makes the air paths far more visible. Smoke leaking from the enclosure can also be seen outside, and photographed to provide a record of any external leakage paths.

Pressurised Smoke tests are ideal for identifying both generic and smaller more torturous areas of air leakage.

If you would like some more information in regards to Room Integrity Testing on your server room or data centre in London, please contact us now at info@airpressuretesting.co.uk  or call me Darren on 07775623464.