Thermal Imaging Surveys to Building Fabrics

Thermal Imaging Surveys to Building Fabrics

A thermal imaging survey to building fabrics helps to identify air leakage paths as well as thermal insulation defects, such as missing insulation. Thermal imaging can help us quickly target the source of the problem, so you can make informed decisions on repairs.

Depending on your requirements, our thermal imaging surveys can range from an external overview of each elevation of the building under review, through to a full building fabric assessment of the fabric carried out internally and externally – this type of survey is often carried out on BREEAM projects.



APT’s thermography engineers carry out a non-intrusive inspection and provide detailed reports based on the captured images for developments throughout the UK. Our level 3 qualified thermography engineers have a have amount of experience, having carried out thousands of thermal inspections to wide range of buildings and installations, which enables us to apply building construction and engineering knowledge for all types of projects.

The main benefits of a thermal imaging surveys to building fabrics are:

                  1. Rapid, non-disruptive onsite inspections
                  2. Helps to reduce potential future damage by identifying weak points in the building envelope.
                  3. Clear and concise reports shown in pictures
                  4. Show compliance with project specifications
                  5. Achieve extra credits for BREEAM etc
                  6. Identify and prove substandard work to sub-contractors, such as cladding integrity assessments.
                  7. Highlight the effectiveness of both cooling and heating and installations.


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We have many years’ experience in all aspects of engineering, construction, maintenance, management, and professional survey work and all our thermographic surveys are conducted by engineers that hold Level 3 certification and the surveys are carried out in accordance with BS EN 13187



Our thermal imaging equipment is the best and most accurate on the market, ensuring we pick up faults that other equipment may miss. Our reports are professionally presented and are clear, concise, and easy to follow. We endeavour to give our clients a first class service every time.

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