Thermal Imaging Surveys can Identify Many Building Defects

Thermal imaging surveys can identify many building defects such as missing or badly installed insulation. It can also find air leakage paths through the building envelope around areas such as leaky external doors and windows. It can also identify water ingress to walls, floors, roofs from water leaks and waterproofing failures due to bad detailing and missing damp trays etc., as well as damp in walls etc. due to badly installed and/or damaged downpipes.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to improve the efficiency of your dwelling is to make sure that it is well insulated and to improve the air tightness of the building – thermal imaging can help with this process. Unfortunately, many new and existing homes are missing essential insulation, and are very leaky leading to energy loss and much higher energy bills.

Our combined air tightness testing and thermal imaging surveys can help you determine if your building fabric (walls, floors, attic, and roof) are properly insulated as well as being airtight.  Using highly trained thermographers, along with the latest high-resolution thermal cameras, we will check for gaps in the building fabric, as well as missing insulation, and we will provide you with a comprehensive report of our findings.



Thermal Imaging to locate drafts in your London home.

Excessive draughts can be very uncomfortable blowing cold air into your home, via badly fitted doors, windows and penetrations and cracks in the walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs.

This can result in cold spots in your rooms, as well as wasting valuable energy.

Our London thermal imaging surveys can help you to identify potential defects in the building fabric and components, which allows draughts to come in via air leakage paths in the building fabric, so that you can seal them up and keep your home warm.


Thermal imaging to find Thermal Bridging in the Building Fabric.

Our Thermal imaging surveys can also check for other defects such as thermal bridging, which is when the construction elements of the wall construction etc. literally bridge across cavities. This can be via excess mortar droppings etc. which causes a cold spot in the building envelope. we have also found Thermal bridging at the heads of external windows and doors, where clients have installed concrete lintels back-to-back, which bridges the cavity and causes a cold spot across the heads of the opening.

It is important to have a professional conduct thermal imaging surveys to ensure that all areas of potential thermal bridges are identified.


Our Expert Thermal Imaging Service includes:

Our experienced and highly qualified thermal imaging surveyors produce high quality thermal imaging reports.

Our service comprehensive thermal imaging surveys include:

  • Level 3 thermographic certification
  • Level 3 qualified thermographers
  • Large format FLIR cameras with 45-degree lenses
  • Comprehensive and easy to follow thermography reports.

Each thermal imaging report is reviewed and approved by our experienced and certified PCN Level 3 thermographers to ensure the highest quality for analysis as well as and recommendations as and when required.

If you would like further information on out thermal imaging inspection services, please contact us at 01525 303905 are or or visit our website at

For more information on how to prepare for your thermal imaging survey, please download our thermal imaging checklist