The Evolution of Cleanrooms

The Evolution of Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms come in all shapes and sizes from small laboratories through to large manufacturing buildings. Cleanrooms are used  for a variety of industries such as pharmaceutical production, scientific research, software engineering and manufacturing and aerospace engineering .

Though the cleanliness standards may have changed throughout the years, their purpose has always remained the same. Cleanrooms will continue to evolve as more and more research is conducted and air filtration mechanics and room envelope construction continues to improve.


Six things you didn’t know about cleanrooms:

  1. More and more food industries are using cleanrooms to manufacture products that rely on high sanitation standards, thus improving the quality of their products.
  2. Cleanrooms are rated by their class, which is dependent on the number of particles found in the room at any given time.
  3. Did you know that a motionless person standing in a cleanroom still emits more than 100,000 particles per minute? That’s why it essential that the correct clothing is worn at all times.
  4. The top four things that you need to wear in a cleanroom should be a cap, cover/apron, mask, and gloves.
  5. NASA relies on cleanrooms to continue growth for the space program as well
  6. There are many different types of contamination that can contribute to product failure and inaccurate testing and results, such as micro-organisms, inorganic materials, and air particles.

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