Sound Testing to Comply with Lease Conditions

Sound Testing to Comply with Lease Conditions

Many people unknowingly fail to abide by the lease agreement as they may not know that there is usually a condition that states that they need to employ an acoustic company prior to making any changes to the floor of their apartment. The lease conditions often states that you need to undertake sound insulation testing prior to the commencement of works and upon completion of works.

In many cases their neighbour/s may complain that they can hear extra noise, this is often due to the fact that they may have changed the floor finish from carpet to wood. Unless extra acoustic design considerations are taken into account it usually results in an increase of extra airborne and impact noise being heard in unit below.

acoustic design and sound insulation testing for lease conditions

Even if the floor assembly has been designed and constructed to provide adequate airborne isolation, impact noise can still be a major problem. If the finished floor surface had previously been carpet, the carpeting and underlay will normally provide a good degree of impact sound isolation. On the other hand, when the finished floor is floor is constructed in hardwood, stone or ceramic tile. Achieving good impact sound isolation requires much more attention.

Do you have a problem with excess noise in your apartment?

If you think you may have a problem with sound in your dwelling and or you have encountered complaints from a neighbour due to modifications you have made to the floor partition then please contact us now. In all cases try be sure to describe the problem in as much detail as possible. Describe the nature of the sounds, when and where you or your neighbour can hear it. Is it impact noise or airborne noise or a combination of both? The more information you can provide us, the quicker we can try to determine the nature of the problem and subsequently find a solution.

sound testing floors for lease conditions in London apartments

In many cases, due to the complexity of acoustical and noise problems due to varying constructions, it is impossible to cover all problems in a short article such as this; however in our experience if we are employed from the beginning of a project, it usually results in compliance with Building Regulations Part E and /or compliance with your leasehold agreement, which may avert costly legal battles at the end of the project.

If you need help with the acoustic design and sound testing to comply with the lease condition/s on your project;  or, you have a problem with raised noise levels due to neighbours changing their floor construction, please contact us now, we provide can provide an acoustic design and sound testing solution to satisfy your lease condition then please contact us now at  or phone us on 01525 303905