Sound Testing Through Folding Doors

We often undertake BB93 sound testing for schools, during these tests often undertake airborne sound testing through large folding doors. Unfortunately, folding doors often fail the sound testing not because the door design is inadequate, but because the head detail above door has not been adequately constructed.

This poor acoustic detailing above the door head is often because the acoustic detailing does not carry up to the underside of the structural soffit. when the ceiling tiles are lifted you can often see straight through the ceiling void into the adjacent classroom – as shown in the photo below.

Sound Testing Services

The detail should allow for a 100mm frame filled with acoustic insulation and 2 layers of sound board to each side of the frame. the boarding should then be filled with acoustic mastic.

The following video shows noise leakage through a folding door. If you are unsure where the sound is getting through, then contact us at: as we should be able to identify the worst areas by undertaking sound testing on the problematic partitions.

If you would like more information in regards to sound testing please contact us at or call us on 01525 303905.