Sound Testing On Refurbishment Projects

Sound Testing On Refurbishment Projects

When it comes to refurbishment projects i.e. large houses that have been converted into flats and/or an office block into flats, we can undertake a sample sound test of the existing wall and floor construction to ascertain the existing sound insulation levels. Once we have established the sound levels for the existing construction, we can then look at extent of the acoustic upgrades to attain Part E Compliance. This is much more effective than just forwarding an acoustic design that may be to excessive and expensive, especially when the existing construction is already ‘acoustically’ robust and therefore only needs to improve by a a minimal amount such as 1-3dB. By having the existing sound levels of the partitions we can recommend targeted, acoustic upgrades to comply with Building Regulations Part E.

This Video show some of the sound leakage paths

The sound insulation levels required to pass Part E for refurbishment projects are less stringent than new build projects. Instead of 45dB for airborne its 43dB (2 dB less), and for instead of 62dB for Impact Sound Testing its 64dB on new build (2 dB more).

On refurbishment projects you cannot use Robust Details, therefore sound testing has to be undertaken. Obviously due to the complex nature of refurbishment projects its best if you consult with us at the beginning as we can offer advice on how to upgrade the partitions to pass the sound testing.   We can also help if your building fails the sound insulation testing by offering a targeted acoustic design solution saving time and potential costs.

If you have a project that requires sound insulation testing then contact us now, we can propose a sound testing schedule that should comply with Part E. Please contact us at: or call us at 07775623464