Sound Testing Definitions and Terms (1 of 2)

Sound Testing Definitions and Terms (1 of 2) 

Sound testing is usually undertaken near the end of a project to show that the party wall and floor partitions meet the standards shown in Building Regulations Approved Document E.  The method for testing for airborne and impact sound insulation is in full accordance with: the suggested methods presented in BS EN ISO 140-parts 4 & 7: 1998. Sound tests are broken down into various rating methods. The sound insulation definition and terms are as follows:

What is Sound Insulation?

Sound is transmitted through most walls and floors by setting the entire structure into vibration. The higher the transmission loss of a wall, the better it functions as a barrier to the passage of unwanted noise. There are two types of sound insulation testing in buildings: airborne and impact.

Airborne Sound

This is sound caused by vibrations which transmit through a medium and reach the ear or some other form of detecting device. Sound is measured in loudness (decibels (dB)) and frequency (Hertz (Hz)). Airborne sound (or airborne noise) is sound that is transmitted through the air.


Impact sound

This is sound arising from the impact of an object on a building element – wall, floor, or ceiling. Typical sources are footsteps, jumping, and dropped objects. Impact sound transmission occurs because the impact causes both sides of the building element to vibrate, which generates sound waves.

Flanking Noise Transmission

Flanking is the transmission of sound from a source room to a receiving room by paths other than straight through the separating wall and/or floor partition. For example, impact sound may be transmitted from one room to another through a common timber floor. Other common mechanisms for flanking transmission include suspended ceilings, pipework, ducting, etc. Flanking sound is always present, except in the ‘ideal’ acoustics laboratory. In practice the sound insulation is often limited by the flanking transmission.

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