Sound Proofing Floors – 4. Noise damping

Sound Proofing Floors – 4. Noise damping

The 4th element of a robust acoustic and sound proofing design is the addition of noise damping within the party floor construction. Good quality noise damping soundproofing materials will contribute towards a successful sound test. Noise damping materials can be acoustic resilient layers and rubber panels, which help to reduce vibration within the party wall construction.


Noise damping for party floors 

Dense recycled rubber panel systems, such as acoustic underlayment’s, are high performance floor soundproofing solutions aimed at providing good noise damping performance. Unlike other acoustic solutions, this dense recycled rubber is fairly easy to install by and will provide a reliable soundproofing-barrier between all types of existing and new flooring construction, such as timber and concrete.

Many of these types of systems tough durable and designed to attenuate impact sound at source. Acoustic underlayment is quite easy to fit, and have a minimum build up – usually between 4-6mm. The acoustic rubber rolls/panels just need to be cut to size and stuck to the party floor, covering the entire party floor surface. Proprietary adhesives are usually supplied with the acoustic underlay systems. The system can usually be used beneath carpets, hardwood floors, battens, and T&G chipboard etc. making it very versatile. Acoustic underlayment can be used in both the conversion/refurbishment as well as the new build sector.




When used correctly, this simple upgrade system, can improve the performance of a impact noise by approx. 7-10dB or achieve 54-57dB LnTw, which exceeds the requirements of Approved Document E for party floors for impact noise on conversion projects. Also, as with many acoustic solutions there is quite simple ways to upgrade to this system to achieve even higher levels of soundproofing. By adding an extra layer 18mm T&G above the Acoustic underlayment, it will add mass and will further improve the party floor performance.

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