Room Integrity Test Failure due to Leaky Enclosures

Room Integrity Test Failure due to Leaky Enclosures

In many instances, protected enclosures such as server rooms and data centers may fail the room integrity test due to a leaky enclosure.  This is often due to the large amount of mechanical and electrical services running through the walls, ceilings and floors of the protected enclosure.

Server Room Integrity Test

In our experience the main areas leading to room integrity test failures are:

            1. Through the underside of entrance doorway void – fill and seal with fire-batt.
            2. Cracks or penetrations leading through the enclosure envelope – fill and seal with fire-batt and mastic.
            3. Above false ceilings which has been installed below the structural soffit, ensure the air tightness line – usually the structural soffit above the false ceiling is carefully checked and sealed.
            4. Around structural steels where they terminate through the enclosure envelope – carefully seal with fire-batt and mastic.
            5. Around air conditioning and cooling vent frames – carefully seal with fire-batt and mastic.
            6. around pipe chases and cable trays where they penetrate the perimeter boundaries of the protected enclosure – often new cables are pulled through breaking the fireproof seal – carefully seal with fire-batt and mastic.
            7. air leakage paths at  the wall/floor junction and wall/ceiling junctions.
            8. Through porous masonry walls – this can be remedied by ensuring all mortar joints are full as well as applying masonry paint or plaster to form an air tight seal.
            9. around door/window frames – install door sweeps or drop seals as well as weather stripping around jambs.
            10. Around leaky fire dampers – ensure all fire dampers are closing properly prior to the test.

If all the above items are actioned – as well as the items on our room integrity checklist – the room should pass the integrity test at the first attempt.

Server room integrity test fire

The performance of any protected room and fire suppression system can only be guaranteed when serviced regularly through a professional maintenance routine. APT always recommend that room integrity testing is made part of an annual service and maintenance package, to ensure that on discharge, the suppression agent achieves and maintains the correct concentration, at the appropriate height for minimum required timeframe.

Why choose us for your room integrity test?

It is our ongoing aim to provide clients a ‘one stop’ Room Integrity Testing service to cater for their most exacting requirements. We only use high quality equipment that is UKAS calibrated – a basic requirement of a UKAS accredited testing laboratory.

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