Regional Sound Test Regulations for Part E

We often get asked if the building regulations for sound testing are the same across the country. To help answer this we have collated the following list that clearly identifies the relevant Sound insulation Testing regulations for your area. Please click on the relevant region to find out your local building reg requirements:

England & Wales

  • Approved Document E 2003 (incorporating 2004 amendments) sets out the applicable regulations forEngland and Wales.
  • Requirement E1 covers the requirements for protection against sound from adjoining buildings or other parts of the same building
  • Requirement E2 covers the protection against sound within a dwelling
  • Requirement E3 covers reverberation in common internal parts
  • Requirement E4 covers acoustic conditions within schools.


  • Section 5 of the Scottish Building Standards 2010 sets the sound insulation requirements for Scotland.
  • Standard 5.1 deals with separating walls and floors
  • Standard 5.2 deals with internal walls and floors.

Northern Ireland

  • Part G of the Northern Ireland Building Regulations contains the regulations for Northern Ireland.
  • Parts G1, G2 and G3 deal with separating walls and floors.

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