How are Plots Selected for Sound Testing?

How are plots selected for sound testing?

APT usually specifies the amount of sound insulation tests that are required. Firstly we look through the floor plans to work out a testing schedule taking into account the positioning of habitable rooms, the room and partitions sizes. We always tests through ‘habitable rooms’ partitions i.e. lounges & bedrooms wherever possible – as per the details shown below). We will also try and undertake testing across walls and floors in different areas of the building and through different partition types i.e. if one wall is made of masonry and the other met-sec partitioning.  Once we have specified the sound testing schedule, the client should show building control to seek their approval before the commencement of the sound testing.

Acoustic design party floors


Detail B – Sound Testing through Floors

What are the minimum requirements for separating party walls and floors?

The minimum requirements of ADE can depend on a variety of factors such as if the development is new build or refurbished, whether the development is intended to be a permanent dwelling, or classified as “rooms of residential purposes” (e.g. hotels, student accommodation, etc). A brief summary of the minimum requirements can be found below:


DnTw,w+Ctr dB

Impact Standard

L’nT,w dB


Purpose built dwellings

Walls at least 45 N/A
Floors and Stairs at least 45 up to 62

Dwelling formed by material change of use

Walls at least 43 N/A
Floors and Stairs at least 43 up to 64



DnTw,w+Ctr dB

Airborne standard

L’nT,w dB


Purpose-built rooms

Walls at least 43 N/A
Floors and Stairs at least 45 up to 62

Rooms formed by material change of use

Walls at least 43 N/A
Floor and Stairs at least 43 up to 64

How APT Sound Testing can help 

It can be very time-consuming trying to identify the cause of a failed sound test. Therefore, it is always best to hire an experienced consultant. APTs acoustic consultants have years of experience and will advise you on the best course of action to rectify any problems. We are also a UKAS accredited company, so you can be sure of a friendly and professional service providing a ‘one stop’ solution for all your acoustic requirements.

APT can advise on all types of acoustic design to help you pass your sound testing to party walls in flats, whether it is accomplished during initial construction or during a refurbishment or renovation project. Whatever the problem we can usually find an acoustic solution that will help you achieve Building Regulation compliance.

If you would like more information in regards to sound testing service and/or acoustic design services in Hertfordshire, please contact us on 01525 303905 or, for more information please visit our website at or download our sound test checklist.