Noise Flanking Through Window Reveals

Another common area of noise flanking is along window reveals, especially when windows are in close proximity and/or the window reveal has a weal acoustic detail, i.e. one layer of plasterboard to close the whole reveal.

Please have a look at the following video that shows how a weak window reveal detail is often enough to fail the airborne sound testing. in this instance If the outside flanking walls have a cavity, then there can often be noise flanking problem coming through the window reveals. To reduce this, the plasterboard around the window fitting and the window sill would need to be removed, and cavity stops consisting of 45kg high density acoustic mineral wool inserted around all the window reveals filling the width of the exposed cavity as deeply as possible.

If you are unsure why you are failing your the sound insulation testing is getting through, then contact us at: as we should be able to identify the worst areas by undertaking sound testing on the problematic partitions as well as providing comprehensive design advice to help you pass Part E of Building Regulations.

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