Improving Sound Transmission Through Floor Partitions

Improving Sound Transmission Through Floor Partitions

In our experience, refurbishment projects usually achieve 30-35dB for airborne sound and 70dB for Impact Sound, if the existing construction has not been acoustically upgraded. These figures do not meet the required 43dB & 64dB as stipulated in Part E of Building Regulations. As sound double every 10dB this is a massive failure and acoustic improvements must be made. Many existing construction consist of a similar construction as shown in as detail 1 below.

Detail 1: Existing Floor Partitions Rated At Approx. 30dB



Improving Existing Floor Partitions

There are many ways to reduce the airborne and impact sound transmission through floor partitions, this usually means adding density and isolation to the floor construction. This can be as simple as adding 100mm acoustic wool between the floor joists, then adding resilient bars to the bottom of the existing joists. To the bottom of the acoustic bars add 2 layers of 12.5mm soundboard. to the top of the joists install 18mm floorboard, then an acoustic resilient mat. Then the add the final floor finish e.g. 22mm engineered wooden floors – as per detail 2 shown below). If the aforementioned system is installed strictly inline with manufacturers details it should satisfy the sound insulation requirements of Building Regulations Part E.

Detail 2: Acoustic Flooring Partition Upgrade

Good Conversion Diagram - 15-01-16

Taking the above into account is it essential that robust acoustic design is addressed  from the start of the refurbishment project to prevent potential delays with the building handover due to potential sound testing failures. We can offer acoustic design advice, site survey visits,  sample sound testing and precompletion sound testing to help you achieve successful sound testing at the first attempt.

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