Improving Sound Insulation on Conversion Projects

Improving Sound Insulation on Conversion Projects

In cities throughout the UK there are a huge amount of conversion projects where large Victorian or Georgian houses – or more recently office blocks) have been converted into flats or rooms for residential purposes. Unfortunately designing for sound insulation is not always shown the highest priority on these types of projects, so many converted dwellings suffer from adverse noise transference between the floor and wall partitions. This can be extremely stressful to the occupant’s well-being is a major cause for concern.

sound meter taking noise level measurements for a BS8233 noise survey

We have helped many of our clients achieve compliance with Part E, by undertaking some simple steps. We can undertake an initial sample sound test of the existing wall and floor construction to ascertain the existing sound insulation levels. Once we have established the sound levels for the existing construction, we can then look at extent of the acoustic upgrades to attain Part E Compliance. This is much more effective than just forwarding an acoustic design that may be to excessive and expensive, especially if the existing floor and/or wall only needs to improve by a minimal amount such as 1-3dB. By having the existing sound levels of the partitions we can recommend targeted, acoustic upgrades to comply with Building Regulations Part E.

The sound insulation levels required to pass Part E for refurbishment projects are less stringent than new build projects. Instead of 45dB for airborne its 43dB (2 dB less), and for instead of 62dB for Impact Sound Testing its 64dB on new build (2 dB more), taking this into account is it essential that good acoustic design is addressed right from the start of the refurbishment project, so it prevents delays in handover, i.e. to prevent the dwelling failing the sound testing at building control sign off stage.– a common problem. We have offered design advice on hundreds of conversion projects, so we have the experience to help you comply with Building Regulation Part E and achieve a successful sound test.


As we are a multi UKAS accredited testing laboratory, you can be sure our reportage is of the highest standard and will be accepted by the tasked London Building Control body. As all our testing is carried out in house (we do not subcontract work) which allows us to provide highly competitive pricing whilst maintaining the highest testing standards. It is our ongoing aim to provide a friendly and proactive service from design stage to handover on all your conversion and new build projects.

We offer cost effective ‘one stop solution’ for all your sound testing requirements. We also offer large cost savings for developers requiring multiple services such as Air Tightness, Sound Insulation and Ventilation Testing throughout London and the South East.

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