Improving Sound Insulation for Quality of Life

For many people sound or noise transmission may be an everyday occurrence and, for some occupants, a series of uncontrollable events. This can lead to frustration, anger and stress for occupants badly effecting their quality of life. One method of addressing noise intrusion from the neighboring dwelling is to improve the sound insulation.

Firstly APT Sound Testing can carry out sound testing to see what the sound levels are through the existing Partition. we can then advice on how to overcome the acoustically weak partition via our acoustic design review

The purpose of the following blogs is to provide methods and descriptions of how to improve sound insulation between attached dwellings and to assist in deciding on what levels of sound insulation may be required and to inform on key separating wall and floor types and influences of remedial treatments.

The guidance presented in the following blogs are targeted towards general living noise, i.e where noise is intrusive due to poor sound insulation of the separating wall or floor. Although some of the treatments may be useful in significantly increasing sound insulation in particular dwellings, they are not designed to deal with noise arising from anti-social behavior and or though noise through the general facade.

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