Impact Sound Test Upgrade for Ceilings

If your floor fails the impact sound test then a simple upgrade (without removing the existing floor) may be as follows:

Leave the existing floor in place – if the existing floor construction consists of floor boards which are laid directly on the joists, then ensure the gaps between the floor boards are fully sealed with acoustic mastic. To the top of the floor boards lay an acoustic membrane such as Regupol (as shown in the video below) this should be glued/bonded to the floorboards.

Install standard tongue and groove boarding to the top of the membrane but don’t fix through the membrane otherwise you will remove its isolation properties and the impact sound test may fail.

This video shows an installed acoustic membrane, if you look closely it will have ‘DO NOT REMOVE’ on the top of the membrane, this is because the membrane will be classed as part of the building structure and as such should be left in place.

If you are unsure of your existing site construction and/or need some friendly acoustic advice then contact us at as we should be able to identify the worst areas by undertaking sound testing on the problematic partitions and offering remedial acoustic advice.