HEPA Filter Maintenance and Testing

HEPA Filter Maintenance and Testing

Once ventilation equipment has been installed, it is vital to ensure it is working properly at all times and this includes checking and maintaining all filters in good condition via a HEPA Filter Maintenance and Testing Regime. This is essential for the proper operation of a cleanroom and for regulatory compliance

Filters are tested by the manufacturer before they are supplied, to ensure they meet set relevant standards. However, initial clean room testing also needs to be carried out on-site as soon as they have been installed; this is to check that damage has occurred since manufacture, such as during the installation and/or transportation.


Regular HEPA filter testing is necessary to ensure the integrity of the filters. Normally filters are built to last between 1 and 4 years, but various faults can occur which mean they are no longer providing the intended protection.

We can advise you on how frequent testing needs to be for your specific cleanroom. Systems which come under the COSHH regulations, providing protection to people from hazardous airborne particles, will require testing at least once a year. Some Hepa systems need to be tested more frequently, in some cases every six months. The level of risk usually dictates the frequency of the required testing.


 As an integral part of your ventilation system, high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters require regular maintenance and validation, and DOP testing plays an essential role in this. HEPA filter testing forms a part of the regulatory requirements for operations relying on specialist ventilation, and needs to be carried out in a consistent way to ensure reliability.

Dispersed oil particulate (DOP) testing needs to be carried out to check whether filters are working correctly. This test involves releasing DOP into a cleanroom’s airstream and then carrying out measurements to check that the filter has dealt with it correctly. The integrity of every filter component is fully checked during the testing process.

APT Clean Room Testing carry out DOP (dispersed oil particulate) Hepa filter testing to industry standards to ensure clean rooms and other specialist or critical environments are operating to the highest standards and to identify any potential air leakage paths.

Using our vast technical knowledge along with our steadfast commitment to quality and the highest standards of customer service we provide our clients with reliable and proactive clean room testing service.

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