Failed a Sound Test?

Failed a Sound Test?

If a client has failed a sound test, they often ask us for the reason why. It is almost certainly the result of a combination, of the following items:

  • Poor acoustic advice
  • Poor onsite installation
  • Flanking noise which comprises the sound insulating element.

Unfortunately, if you fail the sound testing its not easily rectified, as it usually means a major upgrade to the failed partition and thereafter another sound insulation test, which is both costly and time consuming.

If you do find yourself in this unfortunate situation, the first thing to do is contact APT Sound Testing your ‘friendly acoustic consultant’. We will be able to advise you on how to undertake minor acoustic upgrades, once we have obtained a copy of the failed sound test report. We can then ascertain the potential weak acoustic elements from the graphical results, and advise on a robust acoustic solution to building regulations Part E.

We will also be happy to liaise with your architect to ensure that all areas have been covered in the initial/remedial acoustic design. For a small fee we can visit site and undertake an ‘onsite design review’; or, do a an office based design review which cuts costs even further – to do this we would need all plans and sections relating to the project.


Problems with airborne and structure borne sound are often associated with direct flanking transmissions through floors, supporting walls and other associated structures. You need to establish if your problem is due to direct transmission, flanking transmission or a combination of both so that the most effective remedial treatment can be chosen to suit.

First you need to understand how the sound is travelling into your home. It may be coming directly through the separating partition, i.e. wall or floor or it may be coming along another indirect route – called a noise flanking path. The most common such flanking path is the inner leaf of an external cavity wall.

If you have suffered a sound test failure and/or you require acoustic design advice then please email us in phone our design manager Darren on 07775623464. We have the experience, professionalism and acoustic know how to ensure that your project can achieve Part E of Building Regulations.