Defence and Optic Industry Cleanroom Testing

The previous blog concentrated on biotechnology and pharmaceutical cleanrooms testing. this blog is devoted to the defence and optic industries.

The defence and optic industries use cleanrooms for many of their applications, including biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device. These applications may also include items such as like chip making for controlling missiles and electronic and radar components, laser technology for guidance systems and even biological components for vaccines etc.

Defence Industry Cleanrooms usually require the highest levels of security and clearance. Due to the sensitive/high security nature of various defence industry operations, this typically leads to the stick-built type of construction to allow for the perimeter to meet government security requirements.

We undertake a wide range of clean room testing service for the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries such as:

1. Particulate testing – Classification of air cleanliness by particle concentration. This ensures that your cleanroom continues to perform efficiently and enhance your ongoing business process.

2. Filter installation leak testing– Your ventilation system’s high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, and its housing will be tested with DOP (Dispersed Oil Particulate) to ensure their integrity.

3. Differential pressure– Here we will be testing to ensure that the air in your clean room always moves from clean to less clean areas, with your clean room having a higher pressure than adjacent less clean areas.

4. Air supply and extract quantities– If your air supply is unidirectional we will measure and record the air velocity, while for non-unidirectional systems we will measure air supply.

5. Air movement control– Studying the movement of the air within your clean room we will check that there is sufficient air movement to dilute or remove pollutants, preventing any contamination build-up.

6. Containment leak testing– We will check the construction of your clean room to ensure that no airborne contamination can occur via leaks from higher pressure work areas adjacent to it.

APT Sound Testing provides clients with a reliable and proactive clean room testing service. If you would like to know more about our particulate testing service and/or HEPA filter testing service to cleanrooms, please don’t hesitate to contact us at