The Correct Site Conditions for Sound Testing

 The Correct Site Conditions for Sound Testing 

To undertake accurate sound testing, we require the site noise levels to be kept to a minimum. During the sound insulation testing, our equipment produces high levels of noise – between 100-110dB! However, to record accurate test measurements, relatively quiet conditions are required on site throughout the testing. Any site operatives working in the testing area will have to leave temporarily and any noisy works in the vicinity of the test areas including external site activity such as groundworks, drilling and banging will need to be halted. 

We also require full access to all the rooms being tested. We provide a full testing schedule within our quotation which will clearly identify suitable couplings of test rooms which may require access to adjoining neighbours dwellings to enable us to complete the sound testing

APT Sound Testing will try to schedule the sound testing with you at a time when noise can be controlled to achieve the best possible testing results. 

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What’s the Duration of the Sound Testing? 

The time taken to undertake sound testing varies from project to project as no site is exactly the same. Taking into account standard site conditions a set of tests on houses -two airborne walls will take one to two hours. A six pack of tests on flats – 2 airborne walls, two airborne floors and two impact tests will take between two to three hours. Throughout the sound testing, we will require full free uninterrupted access to the units/rooms in all test areas. 

If you require more information on sound testing, please contact us now at or phone me direct on 07775623464.