Building a Robust Cleanroom

Here at APT Sound Testing we often get asked questions such as such as what is a cleanroom?  and what are the essential elements that one needs to know about a cleanroom?

Basically, a cleanroom is a controlled environment where products are made and manufactured in a controlled and clean environment. In a cleanroom, the airborne particles can be controlled and contained at very specific limits depending on the standards required for the equipment. The only way to stabilise potential contamination is to have control over the whole working environment. Particles can be move around by slight movements on air pressure, temperature, and even humidity. Even a single particle that is just 100 times smaller than a human hair can disrupt an entire cleanroom and cause major damage.

Designing a Robust Clean Room

Here’s were it can get quite tricky, much of the contamination can come from the facility itself (walls, floors ceilings, paints, room air, window leaks etc.) Also, peoples own skin, hair, makeup can cause contamination, tools. Even the products themselves can cause contamination via debris, flakes, chips which may cause you to fail your particulate test.  With this in-mind it is extremely important that all cleanrooms must be carefully planned out and designed right from the start of the project.

To achieve the cleanliness specification, all surfaces in a cleanroom should be smooth and impervious and not generate their own contamination such as dust, or peel, flake and allow a place for microorganisms to proliferate. It is important to design the cleanroom to negate ledges or recesses and all surfaces should be easily and safely accessible.  There are also many different material choices, ranging from glass panelling, or a cheaper option such as plaster-board with a two pot epoxy coating, and there are a range of other options available.

Cleanroom Particulate Testing

APT Clean Room Testing provides a comprehensive and proactive cleanroom validation service to the requirements of all current ISO standards and guidelines. If you would like more information on our cleanroom testing services please don’t hesitate to contact Darren directly on 07775623464.