Airborne Sound Test Upgrade for Ceilings

If your ceiling fails the airborne sound test then a simple upgrade (without removing the existing ceiling) may be as follows:

Leave in the lathe and plaster or plasterboard directly fixed to the joists. Then add a 70mm Resilient Bar system, to the inside of this add a layer of 50mm acoustic wool. finish this off by adding a layer of 15mm sound resistant plasterboard and then seal the joints with acoustic mastic.

Please note, this may not work in all instances due to site constraints and other limiting factors, however in a simple situation it usually works fine.

This video shows the a project where the remedial works have been undertaken correctly and the sound test passed. If you are unsure of your existing site construction and/or need some friendly advice then contact us at: as we should be able to identify the worst areas by undertaking sound testing on the problematic partitions and offering remedial acoustic advice.

If you would like more information in regards to sound testing please email us at or call us on 01525 303905.