Airborne Particulate Testing for Data Halls

For most companies IT and data equipment, represents one of the largest and most important investments.  This equipment is often referred to as its critical asset and/or ‘mission critical’. With such an important asset and the need for uninterrupted use essential, but contamination some as excess airborne particulates can obstruct this and lead to system failure.

To protect the IT system, extra design and redundancy steps are taken to ensure IT equipment is operated from purpose-built data centres or IT server rooms. These rooms are the heart of most organisations and have systems in place to ensure the uninterrupted use of the equipment is guaranteed such as generator or UPS (battery) backup. The provision of backup uninterrupted power is essential, as it runs the IT system, fire suppression and air cooling systems in the event of system failure.


Measure Airborne Particulates in data Centres

The measurement of airborne particles is essential to a clean room setting such as data centres and/or server rooms.  Particle counters are the ideal tool to undertake the measurements for ISO 14644-01 as they measure identify how many particulates of a specified sizes are present within the air when undertaking  airborne particulate testing for Cleanrooms

The importance of airborne particulate testing within data centre environments has been made even more important die to the micro sizing of electrical components. The effects of airborne particulate contamination cannot be underestimated and can lead to catastrophic equipment failure, to the requirement for increased cooling and power. One very important consideration is original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), are starting to issue instructions on cleanliness requirements for the operating environment of their equipment. This implies, that if the equipment is not kept like this, warranties could be void and along with building insurances.

We can help with your Particle Counting Testing to ISO 14644-1:2015

We have large amount of experience in understanding the requirements of Particulate Testing for ISO 14644-1 for cleanrooms, along with extensive experience of carrying out many tests on data centres across London and the Southeast.

Please download our airborne particulate testing checklist for more information on how to prepare your cleanroom for your particulate testing to ISO 14644-1.

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