A Simple Acoustic Floor Upgrade for Timber Floors

Once of the most common questions we get asked is – whats a simple acoustic floor upgrade for timber floors?

There is a couple of answers in regards to this:

1. For airborne sound improving the mass and isolation is key.
2. For Impact sound isolating the construction elements is key.

Sometimes by adding mastic between existing floorboards then adding a bonded resilient layer to the top of the boards this will be enough to improve the impact sound levels to pass the Part E sound testing.

To improve airborne sound, acoustic insulation can be added be installed between joists then install a layer of plasterboard (or leave the existing finish in place) to the underside of joists. Install a acoustic resilient frame below the plasterboard. To the underside of the resilient frame add two layers of lapped sound board . Fill all plasterboard joints with acoustic mastic.

By undertaking the above this should provide enough sound insulation to Pass part E of Building Regulations, however each project is different so please dont use the above detailing without speaking to us first at info@aptsoundtesting.co.uk.