The different types of Sound Testing

The different types of Sound Testing.

There are two distinct types of noise to consider through floors, they are:

  • Airborne Noise (for example speech and music) and
  • Impact Noise (for example footsteps directly on the floor above)

To take this into account there are two different types of Sound Testing required in compliance with Approved Document Part E. Even if both types of sound are emitting through the ceiling/floor then there are some easy installations that should reduce the sound levels and improve your sound test results.

sound testing equipment

To help our clients overcome this problem, we also offer our acoustic design service which helps clients to pass the sound testing upon completion of the acoustic upgrade. By advising on a simple cost effective wall and/or floor upgrade, we are able to forward simple to follow acoustic design reviews, utilising our extensive knowledge of different materials and construction methods. Using this philosophy, to date, we have had no sound test failures where our acoustic upgrades have been incorporated into the site construction, ensuring compliance with Part E of Building Regulations.

Pre-completion sound testing has been a mandatory requirement since July 2003 and all new build properties and conversions which were built after this date require 10% of each party wall/floor construction type to be tested. The Sound testing is to be carried out between pairs of rooms separated by party walls and/or floors. Part E stipulates that it sound testing should take place between dividing partitions between living rooms and bedrooms as these are classed as the two main habitable rooms; however, other rooms can be used if this is not possible such as dining rooms, kitchen and studies.

APT Sound Testing can undertake UKAS accredited Part E sound testing throughout England and Wales. Our sound test engineers carry all the latest class 1 acoustic equipment and we provide full UKAS accredited air and sound testing, so our clients can be sure that all testing is completed to the strictest  ISO quality controlled standards.

If you would like advice on your acoustic design or sound testing in London, please contact us now at or call us on 07775623464