What levels do I need to achieve to pass my Extract Fan Test?

The extract rates for fans in kitchens, bathrooms and WCs are defined in Approved Document F. These rates apply to all dwelling types and sizes. Extract fans need to meet following minimum extract rates:

  • Kitchen (cooker hood): 30 l/s – if it’s a separate and further than 1m from cooker: 60 l/s
  • Utility rooms: 30 l/s
  • Bathrooms (intermittent extract fans) 15 l/s
  • WC – Sanitary accommodation: 6 l/s

If you require advice on what type of extractor fan would be best to achieve compliance with approved document F, Simply the use our contacts form on this page, or call our offices, to chat about your specific vent testing requirements with our knowledgeable team of consultants.